Institute of Global Responsibility

The Institute of Global Responsibility (IGO) is an independent non-governmental organisation based in Warsaw, Poland. It was established in 2007 and focuses on development policy issues, development education and cooperation with partners in the South.

IGO is one of the few Polish NGOs that conduct continuous research and advocacy work on aid effectiveness. It addresses development issues in the Polish, European and global context through a human rights based approach. Central to its mission is taking a position on the challenging areas of North-South relations and concentrating on Poland’s global responsibilities towards developing countries when it comes to trade, economic regulations and the social dimension of globalisation.

IGO uses its expertise to advocate for policy changes to ensure that the ownership of Southern countries is reflected in Polish and European policies and development programmes. It participates in face-to-face meetings with representatives of the Polish government and MPs, organises seminars and raises the concerns of its Southern partners in expert debates and during open events for the general public.

IGO works to increase the quality of development education in Poland through training workshops, public discussions and publications. It also supports specific initiatives of Southern partners that seek to address the causes of injustice and improve mechanisms of development cooperation.