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Tax was one of the key issues tackled when Commissioner candidates faced MEP questioning in the European Parliament over the past two weeks. Junker’s lineup of candidates were being grilled on their policies – and every other imaginable issue ...

CSO letter to IFC calls for immediate review of policy on tax havens

As a response to a recently published World Bank report on the first year of implementation of its policy on the use of offshore financial centres, several civil society organisations, including Eurodad, have sent a letter to IFC Executive Vice President Jin-Yong Cai to call for far greater transparency and an immediate and fundamental review of its policy on tax havens. Signatories of this letter believe that the report, which is only one-page long, is highly inadequate, as it fails to include the ...
By Jesse Griffiths, Øygunn Sundsbø Brynildsen, Jeroen Kwakkenbos, María José Romero and Bodo Ellmers The European Commission’s recent accountability report and communication on financing for development highlights the importance domestic resource ...
Eurodad and members have long questioned the impact of development finance institutions (DFIs) on development. One central problem is their weak or non-existant guidelines relating to fiscal contributions and investments through tax havens. The Belgian ...
After years of talking, EU leaders seem willing to take action at last on requiring transparency that will shed light on tax dodgers. There are at least two opportunities for concrete legislation that the EU cannot afford to miss this year, although Member ...
This week’s European Union (EU) meeting of finance ministers in Brussels for the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) produced strong rhetoric about the importance of tackling tax evasion and tax fraud, but offered little in the way of concrete ...

A tsunami of truth exposes the need for tax justice

Francesca Giubilo

11 Apr 2013 12:59:03

By Tove Maria Ryding While our ministers have been delivering speeches about the importance of a healthy financial system, transparency and global tax justice, it seems an international group of financial experts, bankers, lawyers and middlemen have been busy racking their brains to solve the riddle: “How do you make trillions of dollars disappear into thin air?” They’ve come up with a lot more than the good old “stuff your money in your mattress”. In fact, when it comes to doing magic tricks with money, the financial industry has proven to be a regular group of Harry Potters. Golden opportunity to fix flawed EU regulation It has long been known that companies and other legal structures that are anonymously owned and controlled are a key mechanism used to launder money and hide ...