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Last week the EuroIFI network – a European network of IFI (International Financial Institutions) watchers – met in Brussels for its 24th biannual meeting. The meeting was hosted by EuroIFI member CNCD – 11.11.11, a coalition of non-governmental ...

MEDIA RELEASE-Reforms to World Bank’s flagship Doing Business report are off track and undermine World Bank’s credibility

MEDIA RELEASE Reforms to World Bank’s flagship Doing Business report are off track and undermine World Bank’s credibility Campaigners demand urgent action from World Bank President Dr Jim Yong Kim Tuesday 26th August A global coalition of Civil society organisations (CSOs) are demanding World Bank president Dr Jim Yong Kim implements significant changes to the Bank’s flagship Doing Business report, as recommended by independent experts. The report ranks nations on the quality of their ...

World Bank ‘s investment ratings still at odds with human rights and poverty reduction


28 May 2014 14:51:13

This article is a reproduction from By Sharan Burrow Every year the World Bank issues its Doing Business Report, which contains a ranking of each country’s business environment. In 2012, the President of the World Bank, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, appointed an Independent Panel of experts to review the report. The panel, chaired by South Africa’s Minister of Planning Mr. Trevor Manuel, appeared to be an opportunity to change the report for the better. The Panel, indeed, came up with substantive recommendations for an overhaul of the Doing Business. But most of them have been ignored. Those who understand the power of this report and its associated rankings to drive governments and give them the cover to put the interest of private companies ahead of the rights of working people ...
Press Release: Why the World Bank must do better at Doing BusinessOn the eve of the release of the World Bank’s Doing Business 2014, civil society organisations call on the World Bank to implement the major recommendations delivered by an independent ...