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C20 Argentina: The G20 plan to create an infrastructure ‘asset class’ must be shelved, and replaced with a plan to increase and improve public investment in infrastructure

Roadmap to turn infrastructure investments in developing countries into financial products is a dead end that will only hit the taxpayer, says new report. Report finds infrastructure has, and will be overwhelmingly publicly financed – the real agenda should be to increase and improve public investment. Thursday August 2 2018 The G20’s plan to develop an ‘infrastructure asset class’ to encourage private investment in developing countries is fundamentally flawed and must be shelved. This ...

C20 Argentina: El plan del G20 para convertir la infraestructura en una ‘clase de activo’ debe ser archivado y reemplazado por un plan para aumentar y mejorar la inversión pública en infraestructura

La Hoja de Ruta para convertir las inversiones en infraestructura de los países en desarrollo en productos financieros es un callejón sin salida que solo afectará al contribuyente, dice un nuevo informe. El informe concluye que, en la inmensa mayoría de los casos, la infraestructura ha sido y será financiada con fondos públicos, por lo que la verdadera agenda debería apuntar a aumentar y mejorar la inversión pública. Jueves 2 de agosto de 2018 El plan del G20 de desarrollar una ‘clase ...

Debt justice prevails at the Belgian Constitutional Court: Vulture funds law survives challenge by NML Capital


05 Jun 2018 17:22:04

By Bodo Ellmers, Eurodad, and Antonio Gambini, CNCD-11.11.11 and Chair of the Eurodad board In a landmark ruling on 31 May, the Belgian Constitutional Court upheld the country’s anti-vulture funds law, rejecting a legal challenge by a particularly notorious fund. NML Capital, an opaque vulture fund listed in the offshore financial centre of the Cayman Islands, had tried to shelve the Belgian law and intervene in democratic decision-making in Belgium. The ruling means the law remains in force, and agreements by the European Parliament and the United Nations imply that it is on the way to becoming an example for a worldwide solution to the challenges that vulture funds pose to the fair and speedy resolution of debt crises. Landmark judgement at the Constitutional Court On 31 May, the Belgian ...
#EurodadPF2018Eurodad warmly invites its members, CSO allies from the Global South and North, and experts to participate in its Policy Forum. The event will take place on 11-12 June in Brussels. For more information and a detailed agenda, ...
CSOs’ recommendations for the use of Official Development Assistance (ODA) to support private investments in developing countries, ahead of future EU Multiannual Financial Framework discussions  Dear European Commission, European Parliament and ...

Eurodad reaction to EU proposal for whistleblower protection

Today, the European Commission published its proposal for a directive on the protection of whistleblowers.    Tove Maria Ryding, Tax Justice Coordinator at the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad), said:    "This is an extremely important proposal from the Commission, and we urge the Member States and Parliament to support it.    "In recent years, we've seen some very serious examples of how important it is to strengthen whistleblower ...

European Parliament demands EU action as debt crises “ravage” developing countries

EU must reform its own lending practices, says European Parliament report. Member States must also act on 2015 UN resolution to establish a multilateral legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring. Brussels, Tuesday April 17 2018. Campaigners are backing calls for the EU to act following the adoption of a damning report by the European Parliament that lays bare the growing debt crisis in developing countries. The Report on Enhancing Developing Countries’ Debt Sustainability calls ...
Last October, more than 150 organisations signed a PPP Global Campaign Manifesto, expressing our alarm at the increasing use of PPPs to deliver infrastructure projects and public services around the world, and in particular the World Bank’s role in ...