NGOs meet at the 20th EuroIFInet meeting to prepare for the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings.

Added 20 Sep 2012

By Carlos Villota,

Last week the European network of IFI (International Financial Institution) watchers – the EuroIFInet – met in Amsterdam for its 20th Annual Meeting to strategically review its last 10 years of activism. In addition the network coordinated NGO actions for the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF, which this time are taking place in Tokyo from 9 to 14 of October.

This year, BothENDS together with Eurodad hosted the meeting for this informal but active network of European NGOs. Non-European allies such us PSPD (Korea), Forest Peoples, Afrodad and World Resource Institute also attended the meeting and were key assets during the different sessions.

The role of non-traditional donors, emerging economies and the diminishing power of European countries were discussed. In addition, issues such as the World Bank Program for Results financing instrument the ongoing Safeguards review, Investment Lending Reform, IMF gold sales, IMF quota reform, Energy policies and the World Bank Doing Business Report were also addressed.

Through exchanging ideas and advocacy strategies, the participants stressed the need of reinforcing alliances with emerging countries in order to achieve more effective common advocacy towards IFIs. The increasing role of private finance and the growing linkages between private sector actors and the IFIs, was highlighted as a key crosscutting issue in order to get engaged in new emerging world dynamics and advocate to fight poverty and inequality.

The issues addressed will be amongst the topics discussed both in the official meetings and the civil society events organised in Tokyo in mid October.