Joint CSO submission calls on the World Bank to promote pro-poor procurement guidelines

Added 04 Oct 2012

By Jeroen Kwakkenbos and Maria Jose Romero 

In a submission this week, Eurodad together with twenty-three members and partners from the North and South stressed the need to implement smart procurement guidelines that support the development of the domestic private sector of developing countries.

The submission calls on the World Bank to review its procurement guidelines so that they:

  • become an economic policy tool which is pro-poor, promotes domestic industry development and empowerment, reduces asymmetries between local and foreign companies in order to create a truly level playing field, focusing in particular on SMEs; and works towards poverty eradication, sustainable development and mitigating climate change.
  • become a development tool, considers social and environmental criteria, and creates incentives for all private actors to behave in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion. 
  • Respect transparency and accountability, emphasising that accountability to citizens in developing countries matters most. The Bank can play a catalytic role in strengthening domestic accountability through its procurement practices.
  • Increase the effectiveness and developmental impact of aid and ensures that the larger share of aid inflows remain in the recipient countries.

Read the full: Joint CSO submission to the World Bank consultation

Read the Spanish version: Observaciones sobre la revisión de las directrices de contratación del Banco Mundial