Tax Injustice: Following the Tax Trail

Added 04 Oct 2012

Eurodad member Christian Aid Ireland has commissioned TASC to produce a new report on tax incentives and tax dodging comparing the situation both in Ireland and at global level and showing the parallels. 

The report considers tax breaks and incentives in Ireland and also looks at the international financial architecture that facilitates mass tax avoidance and evasion, and Ireland's role in that architecture. The report makes the link between the Irish and the international situation. Before making recommendations for how this situation could be addressed TASC recommend equality proofing and equality auditing  in government budget making process this entails “a robust evidence-based process of minimising inequity and ensuring the progressivity of the overall tax system, in order to increase income and wealth equality in society. Progressivity – where those on higher incomes pay proportionately more than those on lower incomes occurs in the income tax system but, from an equality perspective, this principle should extend to the tax system as a whole.” They also recommend  a Financial Transactions Tax, Transparency and automatic exchange of information between tax authorities. 

TASC an independent think-tank dedicated to addressing Ireland’s high level of economic inequality and ensuring that public policy has equality at its core. 

Read the full report: Tax Injustice Following the Tax Trail