Report on Korea´s International Development Cooperation

Added 26 Oct 2012

Eurodad partner ODA Watch Korea published a parallel report for the An OECD DAC Peer Review team will visited Korea in June 2012.

This OECD DAC Peer Review  was the first time that Korea undergoes this formal process since it became a member of DAC in 2010. The Korean government submitted a memorandum to DAC on the 7th of May after forming a Task Force team in charge of coordinating preparations between ministries and implementing organizations responsible for bilateral ODA through loans and grants, under the authority of the Prime Minister's Office (which the Korean Committee for International Development Cooperation is part of). The memorandum focused on how much Korean ODA had improved since recommendations made by DAC in 2008.

ODA Watch Korea published this report in order to conduct a review on the country's international development cooperation with the belief that the review should be conducted on the basis of ample information, broad perspectives and multiple viewpoints so that it may subsequently lead to a qualitative improvement of Korean ODA. This report is composed of 6 major chapters in line with DAC content guide.

As the report points out, during the last years there have been legal and policy improvements, Korean aid activities still suffer from a lack of cooperation and consistency. One reason for this lies in the absence of a coordinating function. As a result, foreign aid is being fragmented during the implementation stage, which more stakeholders now participate to, in an absence of coherent policy and strategy.

ODA Watch Korea propose the following:

-       Establish an independent agency or ministry in charge of international development cooperation.

-       Set a deadline to combine loans and grants.

-       Strengthen communication channels between lead ministries in charge of loans and grants, and establish a joint basic and implementation plan for each theme.

-       Formulate a joint, unified philosophy and strategy for Korean aid.

-       Clearly identify guidelines for combining aid within the foreign aid strategy guidelines.

-       Prevent foreign aid from being overly donor-oriented in the establishment and implementation of a ´Korean ODA Model’, in accordance with the Strategic Plan.

-       Reflect internationally accepted norms and values in Korea’s aid philosophy.

-       Identify core values and principles pertaining to its foreign aid and implement them at all stages.

Read the full report:ODA Watch Parallel Report on Korea´s International Development Cooperation