Added 30 May 2013

Eurodad member Debt and Development Coalition (DDCI) says Ireland's experience should inform Government policy on reform of IMF, World Bank on the recently released WorldBank-IMFWatch2013.

Debt and Development Coalition say that Ireland has a responsibility to ensure that International Financial Institutions (IFIs) put the wellbeing of people, rather than the interests of big finance, at the heart of policymaking.
The organisation is calling on the Irish Government to publish and monitor its own policy objectives as a member of the IFIs; to advocate for debt audits and debt cancellation; to legislate for curbs on vulture funds; to press for suspension of the World Bank's Doing Business Rankings until problems of labour and tax policy analysis have been addressed; to press for suspension of World Bank International Finance Corporation investment in damaging projects; and to advocate for the IMF to promote fair and progressive taxation policies in place of regressive 'quick-win' policies such as VAT increases.

DDCI states in conclusion that now is the time for IFIs to put social wellbeing rather than financial interests at heart of policymaking.

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