It’s not our debt: International week of action against illegitimate debt, 8-15 October 2013

Added 18 Sep 2013

As the world’s most powerful lenders gather in Washington at the annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF, we the people stand together to send a clear message: 

Unjust debts are not our debts.

From Latin America to Africa and Asia, from Europe to North America, we are living with the damage and suffering caused by illegitimate and unsustainable debts.

In a world where borrowers are punished and lenders call the shots, we say to lenders - take responsibility for failing us.

We want people-centred solutions to this crisis, not false solutions imposed by lenders from above.

This week, our global and local movements are saying, in many different creative ways, and in many different languages: ‘It’s not our debt’ 

It’s not our debt when we didn’t create it.
It’s not our debt when we weren’t consulted.
It’s not our debt when our basic rights are violated through re-paying it.

Unjust debts are not our debts.


Take action:

During international debt week from 8-15 October, we are calling on people across the world to stand in solidarity to say ‘It’s not our debt’. Please send a message why you think a particular debt is ‘not our debt’ or ‘should not be paid’.


1) Write on a piece of paper why you think a particular debt is 'not our debt' or 'should not be paid'. For example:

- 'A debt should not be paid if paying it will threaten your health ... life before debt!'

- 'A debt should not be paid if the money was lent to a brutal dictator to buy weapons'

- ‘It is not our debt if banks borrowed and lent the money recklessly’


2) Take a photo of yourself with the piece of paper. Some examples are at:


3) Post your picture on twitter, facebook or instagram, writing out the message as well, and using the hashtag #notourdebt. Example:


4) Once you have used the hashtag #notourdebt the message and photo will appear automactically at:


If you can't take a photo you can still take part by writing a message on twitter and/or facebook with the hashtag #notourdebt


If you can't post your photo to twitter or facebook, you can send it to and Jubilee UK will post it for you.