2013 AidWatch Policy Paper

Added 12 Dec 2013

As EU aid commitments are under threat, AidWatch prepared a Policy Paper in reaction to the current situation with the 0.7 target. The EU can meet its target and the policy paper indicates to the EU Member States how, and how not to do it.

During the Foreign Affairs Council on 27-28 May, ministers will discuss the ODA Commitments for 2015. The preliminary data released by the OECD and EC in April 2013 shows that, after adjustments for inflation, barely any progress was made between 2005 and 2012.

Official development assistance (ODA) in 2012 was at approximately the same level as in 2005, the year the EU committed itself to spending 0.7% of its GNI on aid by 2015. This lack of progress is compounded by the fact that forward-looking ODA estimates provided by EU member states show that the picture is unlikely to improve in the coming years.

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