Joint statement of civil society organisations to the EIB Board of Directors regarding the bank's priorities in 2015

Added 28 Jan 2015
Ahead of the European Investment Bank's (EIB) annual consultation with civil society organisations (CSOs) on 2nd February, Eurodad and partners Counter Balance and CEE Bankwatch have sent a briefing to the EIB directors regarding the bank's priorities for 2015. 

The briefing highlights the following key challenges facing the EIB in 2015:
  • Ensuring stronger accountability towards European institutions and citizens;
  • Ensuring quality investments by the new European Fund For Strategic Investments;
  • Increasing and improving engagement with CSOs.
The CSOs that have signed the letter are concerned that the EIB Board of Directors is generally unaware about the cases that are dealt with by the complaints mechanism and the Ombudsman even though the Board approves all bank operations. In addition, CSOs call on the Bank to ensure full transparency for all project pipelines, and stresses that all relevant information, analysis and appraisal reports for each project should be publicly disclosed before project approval. 

Finally, in order to focus on key policy topics, signatories to the briefing would like to limit participation in the meeting with the board to CSOs and representatives of the management committee only.

To read the full briefing, click here.