Upcoming EU presidency faces whistleblows and calls for transparency

Added 08 May 2015
On the same day that MEPs voted for greater tax transparency, upcoming EU presidency, Luxembourg, faced demonstration at Embassy for prosecuting ‘Luxleaks’ whistleblower and journalist.

Thursday May 7

Campaigners from across the world came together outside the Embassy of Luxembourg in Copenhagen today (Thursday May 7) and blew the whistle on corporate secrecy and prosecutions of whistleblowers and a journalist.

The ‘Luxembourg Leaks’ scandal revealed how secrecy undermines corporate tax collection across the world, including in the poorest countries.

But it is those that exposed the system that face prosecution rather than the tax dodgers.

On April 23, the French journalist Edouard Perrin was charged in Luxembourg for his role in exposing the scandal. Similar charges were brought against whistleblower Antoine Deltour, who now risks several years in prison.

Campaigners blew whistles outside the embassy to show solidarity with the two men and highlight their unjust treatment.

They handed a letter to the Luxembourg Embassy demanding corporate transparency, tax justice and effective protection of journalists and whistleblowers.

Tove Maria Ryding, head of tax justice at the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad), said: “Millions of people across Europe and, indeed, the world are asking why it is that tax dodgers go free while fierce legal actions are taken against those who act on their conscience and in the interest of the public. The fact that Luxembourg is taking over the EU presidency makes it even more important to get guarantees that the country will change course.”

The protest took place as members of the European Parliament in Brussels voted in favour of new rules on ‘public Country by Country reporting’ as part of the Shareholders Rights’ Directive.

“MEPs today took the first step today towards corporate transparency in Europe by voting for public country by country reporting. We expect our leaders to take a similar stand against tax dodging and support these crucial measures,” added Ryding.


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