Press statement on President Juncker's appearance at 'Luxleaks Committee'

Added 17 Sep 2015
President Juncker remained defensive today when he appeared before the European Parliament's Special Committee on Tax Rulings (also known as the 'Luxleaks Committee'). Mr Juncker denied being involved in setting up the problematic tax system in Luxembourg, and underlined that the European Commission is already fixing the problems through its tax package and transparency package.

In response to this, Tove Maria Ryding, Tax Justice Coordinator for the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad), said:
“The problem with the Commission’s transparency package is that it didn’t include any transparency, and the problem with the tax package is that it doesn’t fix our tax system, and might even make things worse by opening up new loopholes for multinational corporations to avoid taxation.”

Although Commissioner Moscovici restated his personal support for public country by country reporting, it remains unclear what the position of the broader European Commission is, and Mr Juncker avoided answering the question.

Tove Maria Ryding added: “The good news is that the European Commission and the Member States can’t keep dodging questions on whether they are serious about transparency or not. The European Parliament has introduced a very concrete proposal to demand that multinational corporations publish information about where they make their profits and whether they pay their taxes. Whether the Commission and the Member States agree to this proposal or not will be the real test of whether they are willing to respond to the LuxLeaks scandal and start fixing our broken tax system.”


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