Eurodad Policy Forum - Financial Crisis +10: from lost decade to lasting change (11-12 June 2018, Brussels)

Added 04 Jun 2018


Eurodad warmly invites its members, CSO allies from the Global South and North, and experts to participate in its Policy Forum. The event will take place on 11-12 June in Brussels. 

For more information and a detailed agenda, please download the pdf. To register, please fill in this form. 


Inequality is a defining feature of the global and many national economies: most growth now benefits the wealthy. We are living beyond the resource capacity of our planet, and climate change poses a fundamental threat to all progress we have made. The SDGs recognise the need to fight inequality, including gender inequality, protect the environment, provide decent work, ensure sustainable consumption and production and achieve global peace. However it is clear that fundamental reforms of the global financial and economic system are needed if the promise of the SDGs is to be met.

Unfortunately the international financial and economic system has been characterised by a tendency for damaging crises, with each new crisis bigger than the last.

The need for effective and radical economic justice advocacy, campaigns and activism has never been higher, but it’s also clear that this needs to rest on a deeper understanding of the problems we face. The policy forum is a great chance to learn, think and discuss these fundamental issues, while also getting up to speed with ongoing campaigns and meeting key allies.

Objectives of the Policy Forum

Deepen understanding: To understand how the global economy has changed since the crisis, and why current global structure and policies are not working.

Reflect on implications for our work: To discuss root causes of the problems, and reflect on how far our work and proposals for change will tackle these.

Build the network: To get a rapid update on a broad range of development finance related campaigns, and to make new connections or reinforce old ones.