Eurodad Annual Report 2017

Added 18 Jul 2018

The mission of Eurodad – to campaign for transformative changes to global and European policies, institutions, rules and structures to ensure a sustainable financial and economic system that works to eradicate poverty and ensure human rights for all – remains more vital than ever. 

2017 was a year that showed how the global financial and economic system continues to hinder countries in the global south from charting their own paths to prosperity, while imposing major costs and risks on them. In particular, 2017 saw debt reaching record levels, raising the prospect of a new wave of debt crises – a repeat of the situation in the 1980s that led to Eurodad’s establishment. This is why it is so important that Eurodad continues to focus on tackling the underlying policies and institutions that hold back development, and why our 2017 successes are so important. For example, the introduction of public registers of beneficial owners for companies across all countries in the European Union is a major victory in the campaign – run by Eurodad and partners – against tax dodging that robs developing countries of billions in much-needed public resources. 

The success of Eurodad continues to rest on the quality of the staff in Brussels, and the vibrancy of the coalitions and networks that Eurodad builds. Both were strengthened considerably in 2017. We welcomed talented and inspiring new team members at the secretariat, and saw important strengthening of our coalitions, including the launch of a global campaign on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) that aims to stop the World Bank from promoting damaging versions of this flawed mechanism.

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