Eurodad-IBIS International Conference on Financing for Development, Copenhagen 5-7 May 2015

Added 18 May 2015

Civil society experts, ministers and ambassadors from five continents met in Copenhagen from 5-7 May for the Eurodad-IBIS international conference on Financing for Development (FfD).  
During the conference, more than 160 delegates planned for the crucial UN Summit on FfD in July in Addis Ababa, which will decide how to finance international development over the next decade. 
Tove Maria Ryding, Head of Tax Justice and Financing for Development at Eurodad, said: “The UN summit will be the world’s chance to address huge problems in the global financial system that are costing both developing and developed countries billions every year. These problems include tax dodging by multinational corporations and unsustainable sovereign debt. After years of austerity, continued poverty and escalating inequality, it’s time for our leaders to commit to solving the broken financial system.” 


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Videos from the conference: 

Plenary: Financing for development: the issues at stake
Speakers: Romilly Greenhill, ODI; Martin Khor (South Centre); Esteban Pérez (ECLAC)

A playlist of all speakers' presentations can be accessed here

See slides from Esteban Pérez's presentation, Chief of the Financing for Development Unit (Division of Economic Development) of ECLAC (Santiago, Chile).
See slides from Romilly Greenhill's presentation, Team Leader for Development Finance, ODI.

Plenary: Upcoming Opportunities: 2015
Speakers: FfD – Peter Chowla (UNDESA); 2015 - Paul Okumu (Africa CSO platform); Climate Finance - Lidy Nacpil (APMDD); G20 – Jesse Griffiths (Eurodad);  Other opportunities - Nuria Molina (ActionAid UK)

A playlist of all speakers' presentations can be accessed here

See slides from Peter Chowla's presentation, Economic Affairs Officer, UNDESA

See slides
from Lidy Nacpil's presentation, Coordinator, JSAPMDD

See slides from Paul Okumu's presentation, Head of Secretariat, Africa Platform

Plenary: Financing for development: key issues for the EU
Speakers: Mogens Jensen (Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation); Lars Koch (Director, Policy & Campaigns, IBIS); Niclas Düring (Portfolio Director of SWEDFUND); Camilla Brückner (Director of UNDP Nordic office).

(please note: this film has some sound issues, particularly at the beginning). 

Plenary: FfD: what's left to play for?
Ambassador Guilherme De Aguiar Patriota, Deputy Permanent Representative of Brazil to the UN; Tove Maria Ryding (Eurodad); Fanwell Bokowski (Afrodad); Bhumika Muchala (Third World Network)

A playlist of all speakers' presentations can be accessed here

See slides from Bhumika Muchhala's presentation, Senior Policy Analyst, Finance and Development Programme, Third World Network