Development cooperation as a leverage for tackling vaccine inequality? A Belgian perspective on the issue - Eurodad's 2022 Conference
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09 June 2022

This hybrid session is part of Eurodad's 2022 Conference "Reboot the system: Defining joint strategies for economic justice" taking in place in Brussels on 9-10 June. It is co-organised by CNCD-11.11.11, 11.11.11 and Eurodad.

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The session

Over 11 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine were produced in the past year. Three-quarters were bought up by wealthier countries. At the beginning of March 2022, of the world's population, 56 percent are fully vaccinated; in low-income countries, barely 7 percent are. The global failure to share vaccines equitably is taking its toll on some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. At a time that geopolitical conflicts are increasing the pressure on development budgets, and food and energy insecurity risk undermining efforts to rebuild economies, vaccine inequality is a question of global injustice. Moreover, the unequal distribution of covid vaccines around the world also needlessly prolongs the pandemic and its economic and social consequences for all.  

In the context of the multidimensional crisis we are experiencing, widening also gender inequalities, it is urgent to join our efforts to avoid letting the coronavirus wipe out a decade of progress in the fight against poverty. What does the discussion on vaccine inequality teach us about the ambition to reboot the system globally in this context? How can official development assistance effectively tackle multiple global public challenges? Are donors’ responses so far improving the situation or compounding problems of inequality?


Jean Bossuyt
Senior Executive and Head of Democratic Governance - ECDPM

Vitalice Meja
Executive Director - Reality of Aid Africa

Arnaud Zacharie
Secretary General - CNCD-11.11.11

Kristina Bayingana
Advisor to the Minister of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid - Office of the Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation 

Heidy Rombouts
Director General Development Cooperation & Humanitarian Aid - Director General Development Cooperation & Humanitarian Aid - Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation



Please register to this event only in case you would like to join this session remotely.

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