Has COP26 delivered enough on climate finance to drive the ambition that vulnerable communities need?


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Has COP26 delivered enough on climate finance to drive the ambition that vulnerable communities need?

In short COP26 has not delivered. Eurodad experts analyse how COP26 failed to deliver on climate finance, loss and damage and adaptationRead the news


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Missed Opportunity: EU Parliament rubber stamps Directive that promises tax transparency, but fails to deliver

The European Parliament has rubberstamped a new EU Directive which has public country by country reporting in name only, as corporations will only have to report their activities in a very limited number of countries. If these rules were in force today, corporations would be able to avoid reporting on their activities in over 75 per cent of countries worldwide. Read our press release


Strings still attached: Unmet commitments on tied aid

It is more crucial than ever that scarce aid resources are directed where they have most impact. And yet, new Eurodad research on tied aid finds that more than one in every five dollars of bilateral and EU aid was reported as tied in 2018. Read our report

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Covid-19 vaccine donations from rich countries to global south must not be counted as aid

Shared principles and safeguards are urgently needed to prevent ODA budgets being artificially inflated by vaccine donations and to avoid unduly applauding donors for a behaviour that created and exacerbated a situation of vaccine inequality in the first place.

Social unrest, fiscal adjustment and debt sustainability after Covid-19

Without a human rights-based alternative to austerity, many countries will find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of self-defeating fiscal adjustments, instability and unsustainable debts.

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The State of Tax Justice 2021

By Global Alliance for Tax Justice

Countries are losing a total of US$ 483 billion in tax a year to global tax abuse committed by multinational corporations and wealthy individuals – enough to fully vaccinate the global population against Covid-19 more than three times over.

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