Oxfam IBIS

Founded in 1966, Oxfam IBIS is one of Denmark's largest solidarity and development organisations. IBIS focuses on four areas: education for change, organisational development and support of civil society, local governance through popular participation, and global structural causes of poverty – such as the debt crisis and unfair trade patterns.

IBIS is an organisation of the Danish civil society, belongs to its members and works at local, national and global levels, to reach equal access to education, advocacy and resources for disfranchised people in Africa and Latin America. IBIS's vision and mission are decisive for the perspective of its work and for the day-to-day handling of decisions and choices.


IBIS works for a just world, in which all people have equal access to education, influence and resources, through support for civil society in Africa and Latin America. Through information, advocacy and campaigning, IBIS wishes to influence the political agenda, create greater understanding of the problems facing developing countries, and point to specific options for action for citizens and governments.