Open letter to MEPs defending real public country by country reporting in trialogue negotiations.


Eighty civil society organisations, trade unions and networks from across Europe and all other regions urge MEPs to stand firm in defence of public country-by-country reporting.

In the letter, addressed to Ms Regner and Mr Garcia del Blanco, the undersigned organisations stress the important role the EU plays in ensuring corporate transparency and urges MEPs to stand firm in the upcoming trialogue negotiations.

We have welcomed and supported the European Parliament’s position in favour of rules that oblige large multinationals to report on activities in all countries of operation and we urge you to persist in demanding full public CBCR in trialogue negotiations. We will continue to support the fight for meaningful public CBCR and we call on you to maintain the Parliament’s position on disaggregation and insist on a Directive that requires disclosure for all countries of operation on a country by country basis. This element of negotiations will decide if the EU delivers real and effective transparency, or a Directive that is public country by country reporting by name but not in practice.

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