Reaction to G20 Common Framework for Debt Treatments: designed by and for creditors


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Reaction to G20 Common Framework for Debt Treatments: designed by and for creditors

On Friday 13 November, the G20 published its “Common Framework for Debt Treatments beyond the DSSI.” The proposed framework is extremely disappointing, and yet again another mechanism that has been designed by and for creditors.

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Ecuador, Covid-19 and Debt

Ecuador is experiencing a health and humanitarian crisis as a result of Covid-19. Images of overcrowded hospitals, corpses lying in the streets and mass graves in the country have been shared around the world. These are just a small sample of the problems faced by Ecuador in the battle to protect the rights and lives of its citizens.

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Joint global response to the outcome of the Finance in Common Summit

Following the conclusion of the first Finance in Common Summit, APMDD, AFRODAD, Latindadd, Third World Network and Eurodad have issued a response which you can read here.

Eurodad reaction to OECD-DAC High Level Meeting - A missed opportunity

Following the OECD Development Assistance Committee High Level Meeting, Eurodad laments that delegates failed to show the solidarity that is needed to stay on track to reach the sustainable development goals.

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Click here to read an OpEd by Eurodad published in Devex.


Gambling with Our Lives: Confronting Global Health and Climate Emergencies in the Age of Financialisation

A new report from Citizens for Financial Justices exposes the impact of our over-reliance on the private financial sector to solve two of the most urgent emergencies of our time – the health and climate crises. Gambling with Our Lives looks at the root cause of these emergencies – which, the report argues, is an unsustainable development model driven by skewed policy choices and unfair rules of the game, often dictated by private financial interests before those of people and the planet.

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Useful resources

Background briefing on the CSO-EU SCIMF policy dialogue

On behalf of participating CSOs, Eurodad has published a background briefing for the 2020 discussions between CSOs and the EU's Sub-Committee on the International Monetary Fund (SCIMF).

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Webinar - Climate Justice versus climate barbarism - the struggle for a just green transition

On Friday 13 November, Eurodad's Leia Achampong took part in a webinar on climate justice versus climate barbarism, alongside members from WWF and GUENGL.

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Webinar - European Parliament Committee on Development

On Thursday 12 November, Iolanda Fresnillo from Eurodad spoke on the shortcomings of DSSI at the European Parliament Committee on Development, calling on European Institutions to take much more ambitious action for debt cancellation for the world's poorest countries.

Watch her presentation here.

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Date: Tuesday, 01 December 2020

Time: 14:00 to 15:30 GMT

An in-depth account of public bank responses to the socio-economic crises resulting from Covid-19. Written by experts from around the world, the book offers a critical assessment of programs rolled out in different locations and asks how these actions could be improved in the future.

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Zambia: The canary in the (debt crises) mine?

Date: Nov 26, 2020

Time: 03:00 PM

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Zambia became the first country to default on its sovereign debt as a result of Covid-19. What are the implications of this development in the context of the recently announced G20 initiative for a "Common Framework for Debt Treatments Beyond the DSSI"? Is Zambia a herald of things to come to other developing countries? How is the crisis affecting the lives and livelihoods of the Zambian people? Join us for a discussion on these issues.


Moderation: Iolanda Fresnillo (Eurodad).

Panelists: Tim Jones (Jubilee Debt Campaign UK), Muchimba S. Siamachoka (JCTR Zambia).

Respondents: Jason Braganza (Afrodad), Representative from the office of the UN Independent Expert on Foreign Debt (TBC).

Organized by: JCTR, Afrodad, Eurodad, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK, Erlassjahr.

Simultaneous translation into French and Spanish will be available.