Report on the limitations of the G20 DSSI/ Response to the Apple-Ireland ruling


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Shadow report on the limitations of the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative: Draining out the Titanic with a bucket?

This Eurodad report, published today ahead of the G20 Finance Ministers meeting this weekend, shows that even if all eligible countries applied for debt suspension, only 27% of their 2020 debt payments would be covered.


Eurodad response to the EU court ruling in the Apple / Ireland tax-related state aid case

Eurodad's Tove Maria Ryding, Tax Justice Coordinator at Eurodad said: “Today’s court decision illustrates how difficult it is to use EU state aid rules to collect tax. If we had a proper corporate tax system, we wouldn’t need long court cases to find out whether it is legal for multinational corporations to pay less than 1 per cent in taxes."

Donor countries urged not to weaken the rules for reporting ODA

This week, CSOs have been urging donor countries not to change the rules for reporting debt relief as Official Development Assistance (ODA). They were due to meet on Wednesday (15 July)

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New website to support Eurodad’s work

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Debt Webinar Series on the Eurodad YouTube Channel

Over the past few weeks we have conducted a number of webinars around our work on debt, from special drawing rights to gender. You can find the series here on our YouTube channel.

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