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The World Social Forum reviews debt and taxes: who pays, who profits and why?

Francesca Giubilo

11 Apr 2013 13:03:34

By Bodo Ellmers While most of the world’s population was reeling from one of the globe’s multiple crises, social movements and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) gathered at the World Social Forum (WSF) in Tunisia last month in search of alternatives. The country where the Arab Spring started in late 2010 was a great choice to host the WSF in 2013. Inspired by the successful campaign to overthrow the autocratic regime of Ben Ali three years ago, Tunisian civil society is amazingly active, highly motivated and convinced that civil society activism can actually make social change happen. Tunisia: microcosm of a defunct financial regime However, the Tunisian experience also shows that activism on a national level needs to be complemented by international solidarity and cooperation because ...

Norway takes a bold step towards debt justice: First creditor ever to carry out a debt audit

Brussels, 15 August 2012 Today the Norwegian Minister of Development Heikki Holmås announced that Norway will make an assessment of the legitimacy of developing countries’ debt to Norway. This means that the Norwegian government will be the first to ever carry out a creditor’s debt audit. Gina Ekholt, Director of SLUG, the Norwegian Coalition for Debt Cancellation, said: “This is a historical day! Not only for debt campaigners who have been fighting for this for years, but also for the people ...
By Carlos Villota, As Europe broke for Easter, debt activists gathered in Brussels and formed the International Citizens Audit Network. The network brings together European and North African CSOs that use debt audits as a tool for demanding information ...