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Brazil’s ‘debt cancellation’ for Africa leaves more questions than it answers

Konstantinos Todoulos

13 Jun 2013 11:07:21

On 25 May Brazil announced the “cancellation or restructuring" of up to $900 million of debt owed by 12 African countries though the details remain extremely unclear, including what this may actually be worth to African countries, and crucially what Brazil expects in return. The debt relief, announced by Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the African Union, reflects Brazil’s growing prominence in the global political scene, and the increasing relevance of its relations with African countries. According to news reports, Congo-Brazzaville will be the main beneficiary and will receive $352 million of debt relief, followed by Tanzania with $237 million and Zambia with $113.4 million. The other countries that are included in the initiative are Democratic ...

Norway takes a bold step towards debt justice: First creditor ever to carry out a debt audit

Brussels, 15 August 2012 Today the Norwegian Minister of Development Heikki Holmås announced that Norway will make an assessment of the legitimacy of developing countries’ debt to Norway. This means that the Norwegian government will be the first to ever carry out a creditor’s debt audit. Gina Ekholt, Director of SLUG, the Norwegian Coalition for Debt Cancellation, said: “This is a historical day! Not only for debt campaigners who have been fighting for this for years, but also for the people ...