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Brussels, October 23rd 2017. Pressure from a handful of the world’s richest countries is threatening to open up the rules governing aid to developing countries to alarming abuse. According to information obtained ...

EC Reciprocity proposal: a sinking ship

Alex Marriage

04 Oct 2012 16:26:31

By Jeroen Kwakkenbos  Any discussion of trade, whether over general principles or of technical issues, brings to my mind images of fleets of ocean greyhounds following the trade winds to greener pastures and more exotic locales. This is particularly true concerning the current discussion surrounding the reciprocity regulation put forward by the European Commission (EC), to be exact it makes me think of the expedition of Commodore Mathew C. Perry into Uraga in 1853. But more on that later. Reciprocity, though it sounds like a legal thriller purchased in an airport bookstore, is an attempt by the European Commission to force non-EU countries to open their public procurement markets. The target countries of this regulation would appear to be China, Japan, and other major trading partners, but ...