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World Investment Report: Is private investment in developing countries increasing or falling?

Jesse Griffiths

30 Jun 2016 12:53:28

The always interesting World Investment Report, 2016 edition, came out last week, highlighting an increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) which is seemingly contrary to other reports of an outward flood of private finance, and highlighting the continued rise of international investment treaties, and resulting cases brought by companies against developing countries.  Did FDI rise or fall in 2015? As I’ve pointed out before, interpreting FDI figures takes a lot of care, as not all of it is foreign, and not all is investment, and the routing of investment through tax havens over-inflates and distorts the figures. However, in broad terms, UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) that produce the World Investment Report (WIR) argues that $765 billion FDI flowed ...

Development finance – where does it come from?

Jesse Griffiths

13 Dec 2012 10:06:40

Our review of all different sources of development finance is nearly complete – look out for that in the new year – but I thought I’d whet your appetite with a summary table.  Using the most reliable sources we can find, here’s a summary of different inflows, outflows and domestic resources for developing countries as a group, given as an equivalent percentage of GDP to allow scale comparisons.  I’ve also include figures for low-income countries (LICs) as a group, when they are available. Detailed questions will all be answered when the paper is published – watch this space early in the new year! *Figure for upper-middle income countries only: combined figure for all developing countries not available. Some things to note: There is a lot of overlap between many of ...