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With its Compact with Africa, the German G20 presidency is actively promoting private loans and investment as solutions to infrastructure deficiencies on the African continent. The Compact aims at using public resources in order to improve the investment ...
First published in The Guardian No one said the fight for a better global financial system would be easy. Last week’s negotiations in the UN’s financing for development (FfD) process, which will lead to a high-level conference ...
The World Social Forum – Tunis 2015 Activists call for leaders to tackle inequality and deliver tax justice Activists from across the world have published a declaration urging governments everywhere to reduce inequality and deliver global tax justice. ...

“Almost all” developing countries now vulnerable to financial crisis: sobering new report

Jesse Griffiths

05 Mar 2015 17:23:38

There are now two types of developing countries, and both have become increasingly vulnerable to financial crises in recent years. This is the main message of an impressive and sobering new report from inter-governmental think tank, the South Centre. The first type looks familiar to students of previous financial crises. They have “bubbles in domestic credit and asset markets” and are heavily dependent on external financing – so changes in exchange rates, or in the opinion of international investors, can spell disaster. The chart below shows that developing economies’ financial assets (that they own overseas) and liabilities (that foreigners own in their countries) have grown rapidly in the past decade. This means, of course, that they are now “closely integrated” into “an inherently ...
5 February 2015 Background Before the adoption of the post-2015 agenda and the sustainable development goals, developing countries requested a third Conference on Financing for Development, which will take place in Addis Ababa in July 2015. The Financing ...
Brussels, 15 August 2013 Norwegian debt audit puts new pressure on European creditors A Norwegian debt audit report published today in Oslo find that past Norwegian lending practices were not compliant with the current United Nations principles on responsible lending. The audit assessed the legitimacy and responsibility of Norwegian loans to dictatorships and autocratic regimes in countries including Egypt, Indonesia and Myanmar/Burma. This first ever creditor audit of loans to developing ...