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Partying about Ireland’s Poverty


16 Jan 2014 12:53:30

By Nessa Ní Chasaide, from Eurodad’s member The Debt and Development Coalition Ireland People in Ireland could have been forgiven for thinking that the largest debt crisis in the history of the Irish state had been solved last week. News headlines blared “market confidence in Ireland”, “bumper sale” of Irish debt, “positive market sentiment” toward Ireland. These headlines were ‘reporting’ on Ireland’s first entry into the markets since last March, selling 10 year bonds worth € 3.75 Billion at a yield of 3.543%. The Irish Minister for Finance commented ‘that the successful bond sale “illustrates the strength of Ireland’s international reputation“.’ Yet, the people of Ireland have not joined in the celebrations. This is because nothing has ...

Joint statement for the global week of action on debt and IFIs 2013

Debt payments, tax avoidance and capital flight are impoverishing people to enrich a few. Money is transferred from the global South to the global North, from the marginalised to the powerful, from the 99% to the 1%. This financial system devastates the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people through the impacts and crises it creates.Predatory and reckless lenders are protected from the impacts of the debt crises they have caused, whilst people who had no say in the loans are ...