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This week, more than 30 organisations from the Tax Justice Europe network have written to members of the European Parliament strongly supporting a proposal from Green MEPs for a stand alone investigative committee in the wake of the 'Luxembourg Leaks' ...

What our leaders promised us for Christmas

Tove Ryding

20 Dec 2013 10:12:27

“It is important to take effective steps to fight tax evasion and tax fraud, particularly in the current context of fiscal consolidation, in order to protect revenues and ensure public confidence in the fairness and effectiveness of tax systems.” This was the opening sentence of the conclusions on taxation when the EU heads of state last met in May this year. Our leaders called for ‘rapid progress’ and this call was followed by a number of concrete points of action. As regards the savings tax directive, the leaders called for “its adoption before the end of the year”. This was good news, since this directive addresses automatic exchange of information – a key part of financial transparency. They went on to stress that: “The revision of the third anti-money laundering Directive ...

A long way to go – EU failing to fight tax dodging

Sara Jespersen

16 Dec 2013 15:21:19

Following an intense stream of tax haven scandals last spring, the EU leaders met in May this year and promised to tackle the issue of tax dodging. This week, they meet again to discuss progress made. Eurodad - along with our partners across Europe - are calling for EU leaders to start taking the problem seriously. Our report “Giving with one hand and taking with the other – Europe’s role in tax-related capital flight from developing countries 2013” finds that European member states are  missing important opportunities to increase transparency and public accountability. While a huge amount of euros are leaving Europe and the poorest countries in the world, European leaders fail to meet this challenge and match their political rhetoric with actions.   Eurodad argues ...