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The EU Council have announced that eight countries will be removed from the EU’s list of so-called ‘Non-cooperative jurisdictions’ – also referred to as the tax haven blacklist. The eight countries, which are Barbados, Grenada, the Republic ...

Sharp rise in secret ‘sweetheart' tax deals with multinational corporations exposed in new report

New report analyses developments across Europe and finds: Since the LuxLeaks scandal, the amount of secret ‘sweetheart deals’ between multinational corporations and European governments has increased by almost 50% Mapping of government positions show political support for transparency has grown, but challenges remainEuropean governments continue to sign controversial tax treaties that undermine taxation in developing countriesAmong the 18 countries analysed in the report, not a single government ...

Getting the EU response to the tax dodging scandal right

Christian Hallum

27 Mar 2015 14:44:34

A little over a week ago, the European Commission presented its “Tax Transparency Package”. Looking ahead, much still needs to be done to address Europe’s role in supporting an unjust global tax system. This blog looks at some of the lessons of the past and recommendations for the EU in the year ahead in terms of achieving tax justice. For many, the secret world of tax rulings for transnational corporations only became obvious in November 2014, when the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) leaked more than 500 rulings from Luxembourg. The rulings showed that multinational companies – many of them household brand names – had received extremely favourable tax deals that had reduced their tax rates to next to nothing.  A law professor described these tax ...
Report from the workshop on Tax Justice and Financing for Development25th March 2015 Activists from trade unions, the climate movement, Action 2015 and the campaign for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) took part in the Tax Justice and Financing for Development ...

EU Summit: European leaders postpone promised action on tax justice

Media Statement:  Following the EU summit this week, Tove Maria Ryding, Tax Coordinator at the European Network on Debt and Development, said:  “European leaders postponed the promised action on tax justice and transparency and went on vacation. This will feel like a Christmas present to tax dodgers who can continue business as usual until the leaders deliver on their promises."  She continued: “While recognising the need for action, EU leaders wasted an opportunity to crack down ...