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On May 7 Eurodad and campaigners from all over the world held a demonstration at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Denmark against corporate secrecy and prosecutions of whistleblowers. In solidarity with the whistleblowers the activists blew whistles and ...

European Parliament must set up a committee of inquiry on tax avoidance

Eurodad / Tax Justice Europe  Media Statement, 1st December 2014 MEPs must give their support to a letter being circulated to set up a committee of inquiry in the wake of the “Luxembourg leaks” scandal. The committee would investigate tax avoidance by corporations and tax laws and rulings in EU member states, European civil society organisations said today. More than 30 organisations from the Tax Justice Europe network have written to members of the European Parliament strongly ...

CSO letter to IFC calls for immediate review of policy on tax havens

As a response to a recently published World Bank report on the first year of implementation of its policy on the use of offshore financial centres, several civil society organisations, including Eurodad, have sent a letter to IFC Executive Vice President Jin-Yong Cai to call for far greater transparency and an immediate and fundamental review of its policy on tax havens. Signatories of this letter believe that the report, which is only one-page long, is highly inadequate, as it fails to include the ...