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PRESS RELEASE: Donor focus on “results” can lead to ineffective international aid

BRUSSELS, 16 October 2012: The donor trend of making poorer countries earn overseas aid by achieving set targets before the funds are provided often does little to improve the impact of the assistance, the development network Eurodad says in a new report. As the European Union debates its new long-term budget, the success of its Millennium Development Goals Contracts (MDG-C) is a good reason why the EU should continue its ambitious aid programme and remain the world's top aid provider. The MDG-C ...

PRESS RELEASE: Profiting at the expense of the poor? New report takes a long hard look at how donor governments and international institutions are using private companies to deliver on global anti-poverty pledges

BRUSSELS, 29 May 2012: A new Eurodad report reveals how donor governments and international institutions are increasingly seeing investing public money in private companies as a panacea for combatting global poverty, despite weak evidence of effectiveness. Eurodad’s report shows that this is far from being a silver bullet.  “Private investment where it’s needed and appropriate can be valuable,” said Eurodad private finance analyst and report author Jeroen Kwakkenbos, “but there is little ...