This week, we analyse the European Commission's Anti Tax Avoidance Package, and argue that it will not stop multinational corporations dodging taxes.  We also examine the latest UN World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) report. 
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The European Commission’s much-feted Anti Tax Avoidance package, released today, lacks ambition and will not bring an end to the epidemic of multinational tax dodging.

Also, to read an analysis of the full package click here

Private finance floods out of developing countries on a massive scale in 2015
If you’ve never read the UN’s World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP report) before, put a note in your calendar to do so. Eurodad Director Jesse Griffiths highlights several interesting points and gaps.

How Shell, Total and Eni benefit from tax breaks in Nigeria's gas industry
This report presents a case study of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG), Nigeria’s largest gas production facility, and examines the way in which its foreign shareholders – Shell (UK/Netherlands), Total (France) and Eni (Italy) – benefit from excessively generous tax breaks provided by the Nigerian government. 

An economy for the 1%: how privilege and power in the economy drive extreme inequality and how this can be stopped
The global inequality crisis is reaching new extremes. The richest 1% now have more wealth than the rest of the world combined. Power and privilege is being used to skew the economic system to increase the gap between the richest and the rest.

Glass Half Full: the state of accountability in development finance
This report documents the hurdles communities and workers face in obtaining remedy from development banks whose projects cause them harm. The 11 civil society organisations that authored the report call on development banks and the governments that run them to strengthen their systems for providing a remedy to those harmed by the activities financed by the banks.


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"My personal opinion is that public country by country reporting is a good thing."

Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner for Competition

Eurodad was mentioned in the Financial Times' article 'Leaked Proposal: plugging up the LuxLeaks' on the European Commission's upcoming Anti Tax Avoidance package (paywall).

Debt expert Bodo Ellmers was featured in a video on UNCTAD's Debt Management Conference.

Bodo Ellmers spoke at a consultation for the 2016 review of joint World Bank-IMF Debt Sustainability Framework, hosted by the UK's Department for International Development in London.

Bodo Ellmers spoke at the roundtable "For a multilateral debt-suspension framework" at the International Summit for a Plan B in Paris. 

Watch Erlassjahr's animated video on how to end sovereign debt crises. 

Read CEE Bankwatch's blog on how to improve disclosure in World Bank public-private partnership projects.

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