Wishing all our readers a happy 2016! This week, Eurodad's Director Jesse Griffiths reflects on what the post-Bretton Woods era has meant for global inequality and calls for capital to once again be put in the service of the public good. Read our reaction to the European Commission's decision that a Belgian tax scheme is illegal under State Aid rules. Plus a new Luxembourgish tax movement is launched. 
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Controlling capital: ending inequality means routing the march to unrestrained movement of finance
There is a date that marks the rise of global inequality. The rich have always held their grip on the levers of power, but the transformation of our economies, institutions and societies to align with the interest of small group of the ultra-wealthy started on 15 August 1971.
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Eurodad response to European Commission's decision that Belgian tax scheme for multinationals is illegal
This week, Commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced that a Belgian 'Excess Profit' scheme amounts to illegal state aid, as it has allowed around 35 companies to avoid paying 700 million euros in tax.  
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Luxembourgish tax justice movement
Collectif Tax Justice Lëtzebuerg
Yesterday,  the "Collectif Tax Justice Lëtzebuerg" went public. Initiated following the Luxleaks revelations, this collective brings together citizens who call for a public debate which questions the usefulness, the legitimacy and the merits of the abusive exploitation of aggressive tax planning by Luxembourg. Read their English language press release.

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Shady dealings: how Atradius Dutch State Business fails to adequately screen the businesses it supports
In November 2013 Both ENDS published the report Cover for what?, which described how the
financing for Dutch exports regularly involves parties that are registered in tax havens. This new report about the same issue focuses on new cases and shows that not much has changed since then.

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Demand tax transparency now!
Trade unions across the EU are calling for public country by country reporting. Join them by signing this petition demanding tax transparency now!
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What’s New

Huffington Post published a blog about the importance of developing countries' demand for an intergovernmental tax body, which cited Eurodad and partners' '10 reasons' document, showing why it will benefit everyone. 

AFP published Eurodad's reaction to the EU's shutdown of a Belgian tax scheme that has been ruled illegal by the European Commission under State Aid rules. 

Financial Transparency Coalition blog - After public pressure, anonymous owner of Nevada's largest paper comes forward

Two of Eurodad's articles on ending debt crises are now available in French and Spanish:

UN Committee passes first ever set of UN debt restructuring principles

- UNCTAD releases new Roadmap and guide for debt workouts 

What: International Summit for a Plan B in Europe
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