This week, we analyse major new changes to what can be counted as development aid, and examine how they could lead to an increase in subsidies to private companies. Plus a look at how 'sweetheart tax deals' are trending in the EU.
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Ministers and senior officials of developed countries agreed major changes last week to what can be counted as Official Development Assistance (ODA, or ‘aid’), opening the door for greater use of aid to subsidise private companies. 

Read our in depth analysis, listen to Director Jesse Griffiths' intervention on accountability, transparency and legitimacy, as well as our joint press statement and official position paper

Sweetheart deals are trending in the EU
Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) and similar agreements can be an effective way of making the tax system more efficient by bringing certainty to tax payers, but they can also be misused to legitimise significant tax avoidance, as the LuxLeaks scandal revealed. And they are currently trending in the EU. 
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Belgian tax treaties cost developing countries millions every year
As a consequence of dozens of unbalanced tax treaties, negotiated by the Belgian government, developing countries miss out on at least 35 million euro on tax revenue each year. 
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Dutch government plans to grant public access to beneficial ownership register
The Dutch Finance Minister announced that the government would make the upcoming register of beneficial ownership open to the public. This is in line with what the majority of parliament voted for in March 2014, and means the Netherlands will join a growing list of countries that have decided that the public should have access to this information.
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Taxes on trial: how trade deals threaten tax justice
Demands for tax justice have resounded worldwide, with inequality at historic and unsustainable levels and increased attention towards the tax practices of major multinational corporations from Google to Starbucks. Global Justice Now's new report examines the interlinkages between tax justice and trade.

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@jjjstevenson Big cheer for plan to boost debt audits across Europe at #WeArePlanB final assembly. We must demand the right not to pay illegitimate debts.

Last week, Eurodad staff participated in a CSO summit on aidEurodad Director Jesse Griffiths and aid expert Jeroen Kwakkenbos spoke at the OECD Development 
Assistance Committee High Level Meeting
, and d
ebt expert Bodo Ellmers participated in the Plan B conference against austerity in Madrid.

The Guardian covered how European leaders are told to keep aid for poor people.

Reuters covered how development aid has been revised to include some military and security activity.

Counter Balance published three papers on global infrastructure agenda. 

Guardian article: Gender Action's Elaine Zuckerman asks Why don't World Bank Bank projects safeguard women's rights?

Action Aid report: Mistreated - how shady tax treaties are fuelling inequality and poverty

Who bears the tax burden? 

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