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Why the Panama Papers' birthday is no cause for celebration 

April 3 marked one year since billions of dollars stashed away in secret bank accounts suddenly saw the light of day. Overnight, politicians, corporate leaders and celebrities found their dirty laundry exposed on front pages around the world. Eurodad's Tove Maria Ryding asks where are we now, one year after the Panama Papers? She assesses whether our leaders have risen to the challenge of finding solutions to our broken global tax system...

New Report

Behind The Scenes: Beneficial Ownership Transparency in the Netherlands 
Transparency International Netherlands has published a report looking at regulation around transparency of company ownership structures and other legal entities in the Netherlands, and the regulations’ effectiveness in practice. The report shows that beneficial ownership issues do not get enough attention in current Dutch regulation, policy and practice. 
Guest Blog
France passes law to clip vulture funds’ wings
France has passed a law to prevent vulture funds or other creditors from seeking large profits on a debt they bought cheaply. The law protects countries in the global south from having their assets seized by creditors who bought debt when they were in, or near default, if the default was less than four years ago, or if two-thirds of holders of the debt have accepted a restructuring.

Member Report

Opening the vaults: the use of tax havens by Europe’s biggest banks
Since 2015 all banks based in the European Union have been obliged to report on their operations on a country by country basis. This report showcases research by Oxfam that uses this new transparency data in depth for the ­first time to illustrate the extent to which the top 20 EU banks are using tax havens, and in which ways. The findings are stark...
New Vacancy
We are looking for a Networking and Advocacy Officer to take forward the Eurodad network’s crucial work on preventing and resolving debt crises, and pushing for radical changes in the way private finance is used. 

Application deadline: 30th April 2017 before midnight Central European Summer Time. 

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Antoine Deltour announced today that he will appeal his conviction in the Luxleaks whisteblowers' retrial to the Supreme Court (Court of Cassation) in Luxembourg. We support him!

Register now for the Eurodad International Conference 2017! Co-hosted by Latindadd, ActionAid Netherlands, Both ENDS, OIKOS, Oxfam Novib and SOMO. Register here. Registration closes 30 April. 

Join the Global Alliance for Tax Justice from 1-7 April for the Global Week of Action to #EndTaxHavens!

Sign this CADTM petition to support a Belgian law to prevent vulture funds from making huge profits out of financial crises! 

Oxfam's report into European banks' use of tax havens found that tax havens account for 26 percent of the profits made by the 20 biggest European banks - an estimated €25 billion.

Eurodad is delighted to welcome Polly Meeks, our new Senior Policy Officer working on Official Development Assistance (ODA). 

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