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Civil society groups set out key recommendations on proposed changes to aid rules 

The OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC) met today to discuss big changes to aid rules that could see much more aid going to the private sector. Without strong safeguards and transparency standards there is a real risk that aid could be used as a backdoor subsidy for corporations with powerful lobbies in donor countries. Civil society groups are calling on the OECD to consult with developing countries on any changes to aid rules, and to ensure that new OECD rules explicitly state that "tied aid" is not allowed.


Trade Unions and campaigners boycott consultation on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
Trade unions and NGOs are boycotting a PPPs consultation until the World Bank calls on governments to stop hiding their true costs. These projects can be risky and expensive, for example one PPP hospital in Lesotho consumes more than half of the total government health budget. Deals like this are only attractive to governments because they don’t have to publish the true costs up front, creating the dangerous illusion that PPPs are cheaper than they really are. This can lead to crippling hidden debt – especially damaging for world’s poorest countries. Read our new blog on the risks of PPPs here



EU parliament gets serious about responding to the Panama Papers by fighting corruption and tax abuse
Fuelled by the public backlash against recent scandals such as the Panama Papers, members of the European Parliament have agreed to strengthen the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, a crucial tool for both the EU and third countries in the fight against corruption and tax abuse. They agreed with the European Commission’s proposal calling for public disclosure of information about who really owns and controls EU companies, but went even further by also calling for transparency around all types of trusts with ties to the European Union.

Member Report

Runaway Taxes: Who pays tax in Central and Eastern Europe? This new report, published jointly by six CEE CSOs including Eurodad members Glopolis, Demnet and Ekvilib Institute, looks at the tax dealings of major companies in six CEE countries. In Bulgaria, the top ten companies received a net tax credit in 2015, and in every country except the Czech Republic there was a significant gap between the amount paid by corporations and individuals. The report recommends increased transparency around tax incentives and tax deals and support for public country by country reporting to prevent profit shifting by multinationals.
Member Report

Mantras and Myths: a true picture of the corporate tax system in Ireland.
This timely report sets out the challenges posed to sustainability when a tax system is open to abuse. At a time when the world is struggling to achieve the UN Sustainable Dev-elopment Goals, the issue of tax dodging is more critical than ever. This report documents the shifting of profits through Ireland, and casts doubt on the adequacy of measures to tackle abuse of double tax treaties, transfer pricing rules and special purpose vehicles. The new knowledge box is also under scrutiny for its potential impact on profit shifting.

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A new report from ODG assesses the role of the Deauville Partnership in North Africa. looking at trade, financialization and debt and austerity policies.

Oxfam Indonesia have a new report on growing inequality in the country.

The Eurodad 2017 International Conference, co-hosted by Latindadd, ActionAid Netherlands, Both ENDS, OIKOS, Oxfam Novib and SOMO, is now open for registration! The early bird discount finishes on 31 March. Registration closes on 30 April.


Join the Global Alliance for Tax Justice in the Global Days of Action for #TaxJustice for Women's Rights, 8-24 March 2017!

Sign this CADTM petition to support a Belgian law to prevent vulture funds from making huge profits out of financial crises! 

A new report has found that in Hungary, tax exemptions and allowances mean that the tax rate paid by the largest companies is less than 0.5%.

The Financial Times mentioned Eurodad as part of its coverage of the European Parliament's strong position on legislation to tackle corruption and tax evasion. Eurodad's Tove Ryding was also quoted in the EU Observer as part of its coverage of the European Parliament's position.

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