Global Processes

Bodo Ellmers

The UN's work towards faster and better resolution of debt crises: a tale of legal frameworks and basic principles for debt restructurings

To date, there are no international institutions that are in a position to resolve debt crises in a fair, orderly and sustainable manner.

  • Debt Justice
  • Debt Resolution
Konstantinos Todoulos

Conditionally yours: An analysis of the policy conditions attached to IMF loans

Loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) largely come with policy change conditions attached – conditions that the IMF has played a significant role in developing. This analysis confirms the findings of other research, which shows that the IMF uses its significant influence to promote controversial austerity and liberalisation measures, with potentially severe impacts on the poorest people around the globe.

  • Development Finance
  • IFIs
Marta Ruiz

Approaches and Impact: IFIs Tax Policy in Developing Countries

A joint report by Eurodad and ActionAid

  • Tax Justice
  • Global Processes
Nora Honkaniemi

Conditionality in World Bank crisis-lending to Ghana

With a fifty year history of involvement in key sectors of Ghana’s economy, the World Bank continues to maintain an influential position in the country.

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