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Chiara Mariotti

The 3 trillion dollar question: What difference will the IMF’s new SDRs allocation make to the world’s poorest?

The US$650 billion allocation of SDRs proposed by the IMF will not support the post-Covid economic recovery of the poorest countries. In the following article, we set out the argument for a much larger allocation, one worth US$3 trillion.

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Jason Rosario Braganza

Opinion: Will rich nations finally deliver solutions to the debt crisis?

We are at a crucial juncture. Global discussions on how to respond to low- and middle-income countries’ increasing debt burdens could lead us to a prolonged debt crisis in the global south, especially in Africa, or to game-changing debt architecture reform. The question is: What path will high-income countries choose?

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World leaders continue to kick the can down the road on debt reform

World leaders failed to seize an opportunity for vital reform of the international debt architecture when they met yesterday (29 March) at the UN.

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Daniel Munevar

A debt pandemic: Dynamics and implications of the debt crisis of 2020

Our latest briefing provides an overview of the dynamics and implications of the 2020 sovereign debt crisis. The prioritisation of creditor rights over the livelihoods of the population of developing countries is a well-known dead-end. Instead, the international community must recognise that the health and wellbeing of millions of people in developing countries is a precondition for debt sustainability.

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Bangladesh, Covid-19 and Debt

The Covid-19 crisis threatens to erode two-decades' of progress on poverty reduction in Bangladesh. This difficult situation highlights the need for a more ambitious response to the crisis.

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Covid-19 crisis: How the pandemic is deepening gender inequalities

In this first part of our blog series on Covid-19 from a feminist perspective, we look at how the pandemic is impacting women and girls and deepening gender divides.

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Development Finance Watch - The EU and public country by country reporting

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Development Finance Watch - It’s time for the IMF to close the gap between rhetoric and practice

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Development Finance Watch - Global Alliance for Tax Justice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize/ New report on PSI

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Jubilee Caribbean

Grenada, Covid-19 and debt

While Covid-19 has had a limited impact on the health of Grenada's population, the economic impact of the virus has been devastating. 

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