Gender Justice

Tove Ryding

International Women's Day 2019 - Economic justice for gender justice

A central part of today’s unjust economic system is the disadvantageous position of women compared to men. Women are more likely to live in poverty, and are more strongly impacted by increasing global economic inequality. The difference between men and women in access to decent jobs and equal pay, as well as numerous examples of discrimination regarding ownership and inheritance rules are just some of the factors that maintain and reinforce these inequalities. Severe under-representation of women and girls in economic and wider societal decision-making at all levels adds further to the structural inequalities.

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Maria Jose Romero

Can public-private partnerships deliver gender equality?

Support for PPPs runs counter to governments’ commitments to promote gender equality and the fulfilment of women’s rights under Agenda 2030 and elsewhere.

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Bodo Ellmers

G20 Summit in Buenos Aires: A non-event amidst citizen protests

When the global financial crisis broke, the world looked to the G20 to find solutions. But as G20 leaders recently gathered in Buenos Aires 10 years on for their 2018 Summit, it was all too clear that ‘too big to fail banks’ have grown even bigger while we’re stuck with a vastly expanded shadow banking industry and a very worrying new wave of debt crises. Even though the G20 consider themselves to be the world’s major body for economic policy coordination, they are sleepwalking into the next crisis.

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Freedom to Move

This report from Eurodad member ActionAid looks at womens' experience of urban public transport in Bangladesh, Brazil and Nigeria. It finds that the specific needs of women and girls are not cared for and they are vulnerable to violence and less able to fully access their rights.

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  • ActionAid

Making Tax Work for Women's Rights

This briefing from Eurodad member ActionAid UK traces the link between tax avoidance and gender inequality.

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