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The UK’s PPPs Disaster: Lessons on private finance for the rest of the world

The UK was one of the first countries to develop PPPs in the early 1990s, and its PPP programme, known as the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), subsequently expanded across all parts of public spending including healthcare, education and the military.

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Jesse Griffiths

Three principles for aid and the private sector

Using aid to mobilise trillions in private money is a hot and hugely controversial topic. Such aid is no different from any other kind: it can be well spent or badly spent and should meet basic effectiveness principles

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The Impact of Publicly Supported Private Finance on Development And Poverty Reduction In Africa: Case of Rwanda & Zambia

Eurodad partner Afrodad has launched a report which reviews and analyses the scope, role and impact of publicly supported private finance (PSPF) that is provided by Development Financial Institutions and other bilateral donors to the private sector and their contribution to positive development outcomes. It further examines the impact of PSPF to development and poverty reduction in Rwanda and Zambia.

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What lies beneath? A critical assessment of PPPs and their impact on sustainable development

Public-private partnerships (often referred to as PPPs) are increasingly promoted as a way to finance development projects. Donor governments and financial institutions, such as the World Bank, have set up multiple donor initiatives to promote changes in national regulatory frameworks to allow for PPPs, as well as provide advice and finance to PPP projects.

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Delivering sustainable development: A principled approach to public-private finance

A new report titled Delivering sustainable development: A principled approach to public-private finance has been published by Oxfam International, Cafod, Eurodad, WWF, ActionAid and BOND. 

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Maria Jose Romero

A Private Affair: Shining a light on the shadowy institutions giving public support to private companies and taking over the development agenda

Development finance has changed substantially over the past decade. This report covers the main findings of Eurodad’s programme of research on Development Finance Institutions.

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Jan Van de Poel

Private finance for development unravelled

This report assesses the portfolios of six of the largest multilateral and bilateral Development Finance Institutions (DFI) that are providing support to private investments in developing countries, highlighting the main features of DFI operations, as well as their potential strengths and weaknesses

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Maria Jose Romero

A dangerous blend? The EU’s agenda to ‘blend’ public development finance with private finance

The EU’s blending agenda is supported by a narrative that focuses on bringing the private sector to the centre of its development strategies. However, it is also a convenient excuse for donors to give less ODA. In this report, we examine EU blending mechanisms in the context of a broader EU blending agenda.

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