Tax Justice

Freedom to Move

This report from Eurodad member ActionAid looks at womens' experience of urban public transport in Bangladesh, Brazil and Nigeria. It finds that the specific needs of women and girls are not cared for and they are vulnerable to violence and less able to fully access their rights.

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The Impact of Letterbox-type Practices on Labour Rights and Public Revenue: four case studies

This report from Eurodad member SOMO and the ETUC reveals how businesses use ‘letterbox practices’ to not only lower corporate taxes, but to get around labour laws and collective agreement.

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  • SOMO

Survival of the richest: Europe’s role in supporting an unjust global tax system 2016

After a wave of international tax scandals, the group of European governments in favour of greater tax transparency is finally beginning to grow. However, the battle is not yet won, as a number of governments remain opposed.

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Development Finance Institutions and Responsible Corporate Tax Behaviour: Where we are and the road ahead

This analysis shows how many DFIs are still not doing enough to eliminate the risk of public money being complicit in tax avoidance schemes.

  • Development Finance

For whose benefit? A different perspective on Tax Inspectors Without Borders

Taxation of multinational corporations is of utmost importance to developing countries, which on average generate around 10% of government revenues from this source. However, there are clear indications that the current international system is not working. One type of tax avoidance alone is currently costing developing countries between $70 billion and $120 billion per year. While often considered highly immoral, such international tax avoidance is often, technically speaking, legal.

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The dark side of EIB funds: How the EU’s bank supports non-transparent investment funds based in tax havens

Counter Balance has launched a report that critically analyses a little-known part of the European Investment Bank (EIB)’s operations: its use of private equity funds.

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  • Counter Balance

Letting the Public In: Opportunities and Standards for Open Data on Beneficial Ownership, Country-by-Country Reporting and Automatic Exchange of Financial Information

The Financial Transparency Coalition has launched a new working paper, Letting the Public In, which explores what it means to have information in open data formats, how to develop ‘gold standards’ that governments can adhere to, and what a data revolution can mean for financial transparency and illicit financial flows.

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Julia Ravenscroft

Eurodad media response to the decision in the Ireland-Apple State Aid case

Today the European Commission ordered Ireland to retrieve €13 billion in unpaid taxes from tech giant Apple, after the country was found to have breached EU rules on ‘State Aid’.

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An Intergovernmental UN Tax Body – why we need it and how we can get it

The Group of 77, representing more than 130 developing countries, have repeatedly proposed the establishment of an intergovernmental body under the United Nations (UN), to fix the broken global tax system. This briefing details ten reasons why this proposal would benefit everyone – and how it can be done.

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Do Corporate Claims on Public Disclosure Stack Up? The Impact of Public Reporting on Corporate Competitiveness

As the European Union (EU) considers introducing public country-by-country reporting (CBCR) for European multinationals as well as for non-EU multinationals operating in the EU, Transparency International EU (TI EU) has looked at what evidence there is about the impact of this kind of reporting in terms of company competitiveness.

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