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Tove Ryding

Eurodad reaction to the European Commission’s initiative on EU tax decision making

Tuesday January 15 2019

Today, the European Commission kick-started the debate on whether to change EU decision making on tax matters, suggesting a stepwise move towards qualified majority voting, including giving an active role to the European Parliament. At the same time, the Parliament, which currently has an advisory role on EU tax matters, adopted a strong and progressive report calling for the EU to get rid of tax policies that have negative impacts on gender equality.

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Tove Ryding

G20 Summit in Buenos Aires: A non-event amidst citizen protests

When the global financial crisis broke, the world looked to the G20 to find solutions. But as G20 leaders recently gathered in Buenos Aires 10 years on for their 2018 Summit, it was all too clear that ‘too big to fail banks’ have grown even bigger while we’re stuck with a vastly expanded shadow banking industry and a very worrying new wave of debt crises. Even though the G20 consider themselves to be the world’s major body for economic policy coordination, they are sleepwalking into the next crisis.

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A Climate of Fairness Environmental Taxation and Tax Justice in Developing Countries

This report by the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation aims to address this potential conflict and to consider the trade-offs and complementarities between environmental taxation and social equity.

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Olivia Lally

Paradise Lost: EU governments blocking transparency one year after Paradise Papers

On the morning of 5 November 2017, exactly one year ago this week, people around the world woke up to yet another shocking tax scandal. The Paradise Papers – released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – included 13.4 million leaked files from the law firm Appleby and others. The documents revealed the tax dodging strategies of more than 100 multinational corporations, including Nike and Apple, as well as the offshore activities of more than 120 politicians and world leaders.

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Tove Ryding

One year since Paradise Papers – EU has taken some action, but more must be done to end tax dodging

Monday, 5 November marks the one-year anniversary of the publication of the Paradise Papers. In the immediate aftermath, the revelations caused political leaders to denounce tax dodging and promise improvements. However, one year after the scandal, most of the problems that led to Paradise Papers remain unaddressed.

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Julia Ravenscroft

International experts call out Austria for blocking progress on transparency for multinational corporation practices

Ministry of Finance excuses crumble, as time runs out for citizens to see where multinationals are paying taxes.

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Civil society calls on G20 leaders to urgently take joint action in tackling global challenges

More than 600 Civil Society Organizations from all over the world have been working together for the last months via the Civil 20 (C20) to engage with the G20 on the most critical challenges facing today’s world.

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Jesse Griffiths

G20 game over? Three reasons why the Finance Ministers’ meeting shows the G20’s time may be up

The G20 Finance Ministers of the world’s largest economies met in Buenos Aires last weekend, but their failure to tackle pressing global problems, including the threat of trade wars and a looming debt crisis, highlighted how ineffective the G20 has become.  Given that the G20 cannot tackle key issues, is promoting ineffective initiatives, and has largely become a rubber stamping body for other actors, the time is ripe to rethink how the global economy is governed, and to promote alternatives.

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Cecilia Gondard

UK Parliament questions ‘value for money’ of PPPs in highly critical report

The committee overseeing the UK government’s expenditure has published a searing report on Private Finance Initiatives (the UK version of Public Private Partnerships - PPPs). The Public Accounts Committee raises serious concerns about the “risks to value for money for the taxpayer” and identifies shortcomings in the assessment of their benefits. The report states that “it is unacceptable that after 25 years the Treasury still has no data on benefits to show the PPP model provides value for money”. The UK Treasury, meanwhile, continues to insist that it does. 

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A toolkit for advocacy at the United Nations (short version)

The United Nations (UN) is a highly complex organisation. It can be difficult for civil society advocates to know where to start and the best way to exert any influence. 

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