About Eurodad

The European Network on Debt and Development is a civil society network advocating for democratically-controlled, gender-just and human rights-based financial and economic systems.

Eurodad is a network of 49 civil society organisations from 20 European countries working for transformative yet specific changes to global and European policies, institutions, rules and structures to ensure a democratically controlled, environmentally sustainable financial and economic system that works to eradicate poverty and ensure human rights for all.

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Areas of Work

Debt Justice

Eurodad seeks to promote fundamental reforms to how debt crises are prevented and resolved, and put the rights of people ahead of debt service.

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Tax Justice

Eurodad advocates for greater transparency and enhanced coordination of taxation systems worldwide.

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Development Finance

Eurodad works to maximise the potential of development and climate finance as a catalyst for much needed economic, social and ecological transformation.

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Upcoming Events

The common good in post-crisis reconstruction: National Development Banks and State-Owned Enterprises

What is the role for public institutions with policy mandates in a recovery that addresses poverty, employment, sustainable development, and the real economy? Do these tools ‘crowd out’ private activity...

Fiscal space for universal health and social protection post Covid-19 pandemic: How to prevent austerity

In 2020 governments financed emergency care and urgent support to cope with Covid-19. While this short-term expending was necessary, countries must also continue to invest in long-term universal health, social...

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