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The current mainstream narrative on development finance prioritises private finance to close the gap to finance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Public resources and institutions are used to subsidise private finance, which risks undermining the transformational potential of public finance and Official Development Assistance (or aid). They are vital and irreplaceable resources for eradicating poverty and tackling inequalities.

Eurodad’s excellent research has been showing the risks and negative impacts of public-private partnerships (PPPs). There are alternatives, instead of austerity cuts and PPPs, countries have many options to expand fiscal space for development.

Isabel Ortiz, Director, Global Social Justice Program Initiative for Policy Dialogue, Columbia University

Eurodad plays an incredibly important role in the sector in Europe and beyond both as a critical source of expert information and analysis as well as pulling the sector together to advocate for better and more equitable financing for development.

Amy Dodd, Head of Engagement, Development Initiatives

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