What We Do

Eurodad is a network of 60 European NGOs in 28 countries. We work to ensure that the financial system at the global and European levels is democratically controlled, environmentally sustainable, contributes to poverty eradication and delivers human rights for all.

Our focus is on strengthening the power of European CSOs, working as part of a global movement to push governments and powerful institutions to adopt transformative changes to the global economic and financial system.

Eurodad's Strategic Plan sets ambitious goals to help achieve: tax justice to stem the loss of resources in developing countries; ending debt crises that hinder economic progress; effective aid that will transform lives; publicly-backed private finance and investment agreements that respect human rights; climate finance that is responsive to the climate adaptation and mitigation priorities of developing countries; and financial sector rules that pave the way to a climate and socially-just transition and do no harm. Eurodad also has crosscutting priorities, which we integrate into all our work, of gender equality, global economic good governance, and responsible finance standards.

The main institutions targeted by the Eurodad network include European governments, the World Bank, the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Eurodad's vision is a world with:

  • Economic justice for all – an end to relative poverty and to the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few.
  • Fair, democratic, accountable and transparent governance – at local, national, regional and global level where all countries have a say, and all people can exercise their right to participate.
  • Finance that serves the people – and helps ensure human rights for all, and an environmentally sustainable planet. This means it is publicly regulated to meet social ends and recognise environmental limits, and enhances systems of redistribution to ensure economic justice.

Eurodad's key strengths include:

  • Our deep and detailed understanding of the issues we work on.
  • Our respected position with other allies and civil society networks, and our work with global and regional coalitions, in particular, our ability to develop joint strategies within our membership network, and our strong cooperation with allies from the global south.
  • Our good connections to policy-makers and other influencers.
  • Our ability to develop results-focused strategies, and track progress to our goals.

We adopt a flexible approach to the role we play, ensuring we focus on what our most useful contribution can be – in any given situation – to making the desired transformative policy change happen, recognising the strengths of our members and partners. We prioritise cooperation with partners from the global south, seeking to work in partnership whenever possible, to listen to and respect their priorities, and to try to align ourselves to those.

Eurodad has existed since 1990 and has been registered as a non-profit organisation in Belgium since 2005. Full information on Eurodad’s funding and finances is available in our annual reports.

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Download the Eurodad 2021-2025 Strategy.