Blended finance for climate action - Risks and opportunities of an emerging agenda

21 November 2023

The urgency and scale of the climate crisis has led to an agenda focused on mobilising private finance for climate. Blended finance – a combination of concessional finance with other public or private resources – is  increasingly portrayed as a key tool to achieve that goal, at a time when Global North countries have failed to meet their climate finance promises. 

Is this solution working? Is it reaching those who need resources the most? Ahead of COP28, this webinar will cover the key features of this agenda, and explore the challenges and opportunities that this approach presents. 

Rewatch the webinar (English):

Watch the interpretation in French or Spanish


Rebecca Thissen (Moderator)
Global Lead on Multilateral Processes
CAN International

Sarah Sunday Fortunate
Climate Policy Expert
ActionAid Uganda

Amar Inamdar
Managing Director

Farwa Sial
Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

Alessandra Sgobbi (PhD)
Head of Unit Climate Finance
European Commission Directorate General for Climate Action

Bas Eickhout (MEP)
Vice President of the ENVI Committee
European Parliament


Tim Whyte
General Secretary
ActionAid Denmark

Laure Blanchard-Brunac
Director Policy & Partnerships
EDFI Association



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