Building Back Better through IDA-20: Public Investment as a tool for Socio-Economic Transformation in Africa

07 October 2021

The International Development Association (IDA) is part of the World Bank and one of the largest sources of assistance to poor countries. The three-year IDA-20 replenishment has been launched early to address the urgency of development needs under the on-going pandemic. The term ‘Economic Transformation’ has received central attention within the broader theme of Building Back Better from the Crisis: Towards a Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Future.

This panel seeks to expand and deepen the focus of economic transformation by combining the social and economic tools of transformation. Focusing on the term ‘socio-economic transformation’, we explore IDA-20’s role in strengthening the essential linkages between growth-enhancing strategies such as sustainable industrialisation and increased employment combined with the supporting and essential role of public services.


• Moderator Luiz Vieira Bretton Woods Project
• Peter Kamalingan, Pan Africa Director, Oxfam
• Farwa Sial Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, Eurodad
• Dr. Kwabena Otoo Nyarko Director of Research and Policy- TUC Ghana
• World Bank Representative (TBC)

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