Corporate capture of development: Public-private partnerships and global resistance

22 March 2021

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are among the most widespread forms of corporate capture of global development. Despite critical concerns about their detrimental impact on transparency, accountability and human rights, PPPs are one of IFIs’ favourite policy prescriptions to the global south. PPPs significantly erode governments’ policy space and reproduce systems of exclusion that affect women, people who live in poverty, indigenous and other racialised peoples, among others. This panel showcases feminist research for advocacy carried out by DAWN and partners centring cases on health and infrastructure PPPs in Ghana, Mexico, and India and highlights global and local forms of resistance.

Full event information is available on the NGO CSW website

This event has been organised by DAWN as part of the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum. The NGO CSW Forum will run parallel to the events at the UN Commission on the Status of Women and provides civil society the opportunity to engage in the processes and events of CSW without ECOSOC-accreditation or a UN grounds pass.

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